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First Visit

We understand it’s important that you feel comfortable with your choice of who you entrust your dental care. As with any new relationship, getting to know one another is the first step in determining whether or not we will be compatible or “a good fit” for you.


We begin by making an appointment for you for a private consultation with the dentist of your choice. We will send you some information and a few simple forms to fill out so that we can make the most of your appointment time. We will endeavor to review you forms prior to you visit, with your answers kept in strict confidence.


We understand that many dental offices offer free consultations, the comprehensive nature makes the nominal fee an outstanding value.


Treatment will generally not be carried out at this visit unless you are in pain, in which case this will be dealt with before proceeding to discuss future options. We strive to give each patient the best quality dental care possible and believe that structuring our appointments this way allows us to do that.


Doctor Bianka and I strive to provide you with dental care that is comprehensive, effective, comfortable and safe beyond your expectations.