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Why Choose Us?

Our motto: “Exceptional, Experienced and Honest Biological Dentists” really sums up exactly what we are all about:

Doctor Bianka Miller has attended Medical School and has graduated form two Dental Schools. She is considered an expert on Oral Biology. She has studied extensively the art of acupuncture. Another discipline she has added to repertoire is the Science of Hypnosis.
Her knowledge of nutrition is exceptional. She has studied periodontal diseases and practiced the same for more than two decades. She is experienced in implant dentistry and esthetics dentistry. She is an expert for oral cancer screening. She has been involved with oral cancer research since matriculating in Dental School.

Professor Gary Miller received a tenured posture at the University of Southern California. His teaching and research expertise covered subjects of implants; esthetics, treatment planning; endodontics; oral surgery; removable prosthetics, osseous integration and restorative dentistry. Professor Miller taught dentistry as well as practiced dentistry from the day he received his licensure.

In our Biological Practice we take the art and science of dentistry, neuromuscular dentistry, implant dentistry and holistic dentistry to the next level with our passion and attention to detail. Each and everyday, we strive to provide the highest level of quality care, one patient at a time. As perfectionists’ we take the time to explain, and produce highly predictable and exceptional tailor-made solutions.

As our priority is our patients, our practice is solely focused on the customized individual care and attention to detail given to each and every patient on a daily basis. Whether you come in for cosmetic dentistry, holistic dentistry or neuromuscular dentistry, our promise to you is that we will:

1) We strive to provide the highest level of quality care, one patient at a time, We are perfectionists, so we take the time to produce highly predicable and exceptional tailor-made solutions
2) We demand the highest level of quality in all aspect of our dentistry.
3) We only use the best materials and finest master ceramists and technicians such that we can provide you with premium results without and compromise.
4) We use high powered magnification (microscope or binocular lenses) and LED fiber optic illumination in diagnosis or treatment. We can see everthing possible and provide you with long-lasting esthetic dental solutions to the highest standards.
5) We have a very safe and predictable method of identifying cracks in teeth.
6) We have simple methods of identifying dying nerves in teeth.
7) We have added the Spectra camera which identifies leakage and decay around existing fillings without radiation.
8) We have special image machines that have reduce radiation exposure by 88%.

Some of our treatments, like our neuromuscular dentistry treatments, are newer to some patients. But don’t worry; we take the time to make sure you fully understand the benefits, advantages, longevity and costs before beginning.

We feel it is our obligation to inform you of all the most relevant treatment options and their advantages and disadvantages as well as provide a customized solution that fits your individual dental needs, lifestyle and budget. As there may be a number of different treatment options available and we will provide for you written treatment report, including your insurance coverage and treatment sequence. We want to ensure you understand exactly what is involved at each and every stage of your proposed treatment.