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Gary D Miller, DDS, MAGD, FADI, FICD


Professor Gary D. Miller was born and raised in Southern California. In high school he received academic honors, elected to student body positions and on the sport team was all San Fernando Valley second team in varsity basketball and league champion for the varsity 440 yard dash and relay.


At Occidental College Professor Miller received his AB in biology and captained the Track and Field team and is now in their Hall of Fame for his various track escapades.


Next, Professor Miller attended USC School of Dentistry. Upon graduation, he was asked to return and teach clinical dentistry. He was the only one from his dental class to be asked. At the same time he opened his first office. Later at USC School of Dentistry, he received a tenure position in restorative dentistry and published Nationally and Internationally numerous research papers.


However in the practice of dentistry many observations were made and numerous unanswered dental questions from patients and students appeared. These questions could not be easily answered by traditional dentistry. Thus Professor Miller’s changed to holistic dental practice


Professor Miller brings to you exceptional clinical skills, special academic knowledge and a plethora of successfully treated cases.


Bianka Bidovska Miller, DDS, MUDR

Curriculum Vitae:

Doctor Bianka Bidovska Miller
was born in central Europe. Her birth country no longer exists. Czechoslovakia was divided into two parts and her city was in the Slovakian portion.


She was an honor student in high school and attended the University in both Medicine and Dentistry. At the University level she again attained the highest honors.


In the United states she graduated from the University of Southern California School of Dentistry. Dr. Bianka Miller scored extremely high on all the US National Board Examinations.


Dr. Bianka Miller practice dentistry both in Europe and here in the US. Here expertise lies with:


1)      Oral cancer diagnosis, screening, biopsy and cancer research

2)      Periodontal disease and treatment

3)      Implant placement

4)      Acupuncture application in the holistic dentistry

5)      Hypnosis for holistic dentistry

6)      As a canvas painter, her cosmetic eye is unparalleled

7)      General dentistry-bonding, veneers and crowns

8)      Nutrition

9)      Crack tooth syndrome

10)   Abscess of unknown origin in the mouth

11)   Tongue diagnoses

12)   Early cavity detection

13)   Bone cancer of the mouth

14)   Gum abscess

15)   Gingivitis’s and gingival hyperplasia

16)   Sinusitis

17)   Old leaking  mercury fillings

18)   Cavitations

19)   Material compatibility

20)   Extraction

21)   Non-metal crowns

22)   Non-metal fillings



Doctor Bianka brings to you the exceptional scientific knowledge to solve in a holistic manner, your health issues.