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Safe Mercury Removal

Studio City Mercury Fillings Removal
Serving North Hollywood, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Valley Village and surrounding cities.

As a leading Dental Researcher at the National and International level, the first dentist to classify Smile and Its Sense of Beauty, having taught and practice Implant Dentistry for several decades and establishing a Holistic Clinic in the East San Fernando Valley that truly practices Biological Dentistry.


My wife and I look beyond just the aesthetics of one’s smile. We look at how your mouth affects your body’s overall health and seek to provide the treatments that best contribute to your total wellness. This is why we are committed to professional and safe mercury removal. Another name for mercury fillings is amalgam fillings. This dental material is not desirable for numerous reasons including:

1)      The filling material contains mercury, a potentially noxious metal to humans.

2)      This material expands and contracts in size resulting in cracks, nerve damage and or broken teeth.

3)      This filling material leaks and corrodes.

4)      This filling material is not esthetic.


Mercury Toxicity


Amalgam filling contains almost 50% mercury, a toxic substance for humans to ingest. As teeth succumb to normal wear, the fillings slowly release mercury. The mercury is absorbed into the soft tissues of the mouth and slowly accumulates in the body. Some studies have traced the movement of this harmful metal to the brain, adrenal glands, and liver.


Strict Safe Mercury Removal


We adhere to a strict protocol for mercury removal:

1)      We use special burs to remove the mercury quickly and efficaciously.

2)      We isolate the teeth with a rubber dam to prevent ingestion of mercury.

3)      We seal the rubber dam to prevent leakage.

4)      The patient is placed on oxygen to prevent inhalation of mercury vapor.

5)      High volume evacuation and copious amounts of water spray are used.


What Are Your Alternatives to Mercury Fillings?


We use only the highest quality biocompatible materials for your restorative needs.

1)      Bonded restorations are custom created to ensure a better seal of your teeth when there are conservative needs.

2)      The materials used are not only tooth reinforcing but closely matching the natural color of your teeth with conservative cases.

3)      Some teeth will need structural strengthening. The solution may be porcelain inlays, onlays or crowns. The material of choice is zirconium (cubic diamond).